About Us

Maxballoon LTD.

Brief portrait of Maxballoon Ltd.

With 20 years of experience in manufacturing inflatable advertisement displays our company strives to make every product with the utmost dedication to quality, durability and innovation.
We build upon our rich tradition of craftsmanship in sewing and welding techniques to create pioneering product solutions that not only create memorable experiences for the customers of our clients but that help to solve real problems.

As of 2015, alongside the well tested and reliable inflatable gates and tents serving event marketing purposes, we now offer three first in the world product lines:

1. Solar Inflatable is a solar powered inflatable gate with battery systems that helps to achieve triple wins for customers, event organisers and the environment.

2. Crystal Tent enables the use of terraces of cafés and restaurants in winter so that their customers can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere from within a bubble of double walled crystal clear inflatable architectural marvel.

3. The mission of Maxballoon with the Mobile Swimming Pool is to help to provide swimming lessons to those disadvantaged kids in small towns and villages who would otherwise may not ever get the chance to learn to swim.

Our innovative spirit and dedication to serve our clients is what makes our company the leading inflatable product manufacturer in Hungary.